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File Transfer - AMEFEX or FTP
CAMECA customers and collaborators can send large files (up to 2GB) to/from AMETEK email addresses using the AMFEX web client that operates similarly to other cloud based file sharing programs. Please go to and register.

For regular and very large file sharing, use the new CAMECA WI-Madison File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Your user name is your CAMECA account number (5 digits) found on any invoice.

Effective March 2016 the old server – “OLDwi-mad-ftp.ametek.comOLD” - will not work.

Open: in your favorite ftp client application.
NOTE - Web browsers will not work well with password management.

Although CAMECA does not endorse any ftp product, many customers have successfully used Filezilla’s free ftp client:

NOTE - Starting with Filezilla V3, the default mode is Transport Layer Security (TLS) for quick-connect and saves sites in the site manager. This new default mode fails to connect. To access CAMECA data, you may need to change the connection in the site manager to "Only use plain FTP". FTP may not work with an active VPN.

Your username and password are now managed by each account. Note - They are CAPS sensitive and will expire every 6 months.

Forgot your password? REQUEST a temporary one.
User names and passwords are provided to CAMECA customers and close collaborators only.
Passwords are automatically reset every 6 months. If you need to get a new password, use the "Request" link above.

In Filezilla, when you need to change your password, go to the “quickconnect” bar.
Username: your username
Password: old password / new password
(you must include the space between the old password and the new password).

Other ftp software will provide a typical password change interface.

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