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IVAS 3.6.14 is now available

CAMECA’s Integrated Visualization and Analysis Software (IVAS™) version 3.6.14 includes the latest features to make the most of the atom probe data you collect. Highlights of what has changed are noted below and in the release notes. Refer to the IVAS 3.6.14 User Guide (available from the IVAS help menu) for assistance with details on the software. Please contact your LEAP system owner or your local CAMECA representative for the latest version. IVAS 3.6.14 will work seamlessly with your current 3.6.X license. Also note that a no cost version of the software, IVAS LT™, is available as well. See below for details and how to request a license.

3.6.14 Highlighted Enhancements

  • Windows10 tested
  • LEAP 5000 ready!
  • Range assisted background correction in 1D profiles
  • Now able to analyze data sets larger than two Billion ions!
  • Streamlined installer (CAMECAROOT 393k or later included)


IVAS LT is a no cost version of the reconstruction and analysis software used for APT data analysis and reduction. IVAS LT is intended to allow LEAP system owners and users to finish data analysis and optimize images for presentations and manuscripts even when you do not have access to a full IVAS workstation. It will also allow new users time to practice using the software when access to a fully licensed IVAS workstation is limited.

IVAS LT has the same look and feel of the full software version and has all of the same capabilities except:
  • Reconstruction
  • Cluster Finding
  • Decomposition of Peaks
  • Create Interfaces
  • Simulate Spectrum
  • IVAS LT licenses have an 18 month expiration date. 
To request a license, please fill out the web form below. A license will be mailed to you within 2-4 weeks. Only 1 request per person per form will be honored. CAMECA reserves the right to limit license approval. If you have an expired IVAS LT dongle, please request a replacement with the form below. When the new one arrives, please help keep our IVAS LT costs down by inserting the expired license in the included CAMECA addressed envelope and return it to CAMECA.

LEAP data analysis can require significant computer resources and specific hardware, and IVAS will not run on many computer systems. To see the minimum computer requirements, please click on this link: IVAS. Pre-configured, tested, and validated systems are available directly from CAMECA that are guaranteed to provide stable and efficient analysis. Working on non-CAMECA supplied computer systems is not recommended as we may be unable to provide diagnostic support in the event of an error message.

The IVAS user manual can be found in the "Help" menu and includes a tutorial section. Primary support of IVAS should come from the LEAP location(s) you collect your data from. For further assistance, click on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link in "Links from" on the right.
Questions marked with a red " * " are required.
* Phone numbers are required for international shipments.
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